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  • Product name: Glucose
  • Product Categories: Food additives
  • Company name: Shandong Longhui Chemical Co., Ltd
  • Add time: 17/07/26
Product Details

Molecular formula : C6H12O6

Molecular weight: 180

Features and applications: 
1. crystalline glucose or dextrose monohydrate, corn starch as raw material, through saccharification, crystallization and drying made. 
Crystallization of glucose as a food and beverage sweetener, used to improve food sweetness, taste and color. At the same time be able to keep food in the water less volatile, 
Common in dairy products, ice cream, soft drinks, cakes, candy, all kinds of canned coffee, available material can. In addition, the crystallization of glucose can be isomerized to F42, 
F55, F90 high-fructose corn syrup and crystalline fructose. 
2. Glucose is the main source of energy needed by the body, without going through the digestion can be directly absorbed by the body, so it is suitable for the patient to eat. Dextrose Monohydrate in medicine 
Main uses the drug can be divided into two kinds of oral and injectable. Sorbitol Glucose can also be converted to the production of vitamin C. 
3. Glucose fermentation is the most basic raw materials, production of fermented food starch glucose than the preferred degree of conversion. In addition, it will make use of different yeast used in industry 
Production of antibiotics, vitamins, monosodium glutamate, an amino acid and so on. 
4. Glucose has a simple chemical structure, can be further synthesized to other chemical products such as sodium gluconate. Thus, the glucose in a very wide industrial applications, including p  lastics, soaps, pesticides, matches, explosives.

Quality indexes:


Item Index
Appearance Solid, crystal
Chroma White
Taste Sweet
Relative sweetness 74.3
Specific rotation +52.0 - +53.5
Moisture ≤9%
Acidity ≤1.2ml
Amide ≤200ppm
Sulfate ≤200ppm
Alcohol Clean
Soluble starch Yellow
Residue on ignition ≤0.2%
Iron ≤20ppm
Heavy Metal ≤20ppm
Arsenic ≤2ppm
Color point ≤40cfu / 50g
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