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  • Product name: Maltodextrin
  • Product Categories: Food additives
  • Company name: Shandong Longhui Chemical Co., Ltd
  • Add time: 17/07/26
Product Details

Product Description: Maltodextrin, also known as water-soluble dextrin or enzymatic dextrin. It is based on various types of starch as raw material, through enzymatic hydrolysis process control low level of conversion, purification, drying made. 
Maltodextrin is a starch hydrolyzate of DE value of less than 20. It is between starch and starch sugar, is a low price, creamy taste, no flavor nutritional polysaccharides.

1. With the sweetness of low solubility, and not absorb moisture, good stability, hard metamorphic features. This product has strong thickening carrier is good, fermented, good filling effect, non-hygroscopic, odorless, digestible, low heat, low sweetness and other characteristics. 
2.Maltodextrin contains large amounts of polysaccharides, also contains calcium metabolism, iron and other trace elements beneficial to humans and minerals, and can promote the body's normal. Is widely used in beverages, frozen foods, candy, cereals, dairy products, health products and other industries, but also used in the textile, chemical, pharmaceutical production.

Quality Standard:


White or amorphous powder with slightly yellow shadows


special smell of Maltodextrin , no odor


Not sweet or sweet, odorless odorless

Moisture (%)


DE value (%)


Ash (%)


PH value


Lead (


Total number of bacteria / month .g-1


E. coli (100g) -1


Arsenic (



Not detected

1.Maltodextrin widely used; in the candy industry Maltodextrin increase the toughness of candy, candy prevent "back to the sand" and "smelt", can reduce the candy sweetness, taste change, improve the organizational structure, greatly extending the candy shelves save period, reduce to reduce dental, obesity, hypertension, and diabetes. 
2. use in the beverage industry Maltodextrin as basic material, plus a reasonable allocation, more prominent original natural flavor reduce nutrient losses and improve solubility, increase consistency and improve taste, reduce sweetness, reduce costs and improve economic efficiency. 
3. Add Maltodextrin in instant noodles, can greatly improve the product taste, increasing the variety, reduce costs and improve economic efficiency. Maltodextrin Maltodextrin adhesive paper industry has strong liquidity and adhesion, as surface sizing and coating composition of plasma species is not selective, good liquidity. Strong transparency, when used in surface sizing, not only adsorbed on the surface of the fiber, but also penetrate into the paper, to improve adhesion between the fibers, improving Appearance and physical properties. 
4. Application in other industry: Maltodextrin emulsion stability, and can be used as a cover cosmetic powder and absorbents, to increase the skin's luster and elasticity and protect the skin have a good effect: the use of better dispersion Maltodextrin available powder in the production of pesticides and solvents.

Packaging and storage: 25kg/ bag, sealed in a cool dry place.

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