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National Service Hotline:

Phone: 86-531-88613858 (Switchboard)
Fax: 86-531-88963858 (Switchboard)
Business 1: Manager Liu 13573772955
Business two: Wang Jingli 13969020710
Post Code: 250131
Address: No.19, Lishan North Road, Tianqiao District, Jinan City, Shandong Province

一. Service commitment:

The company is insisting in satisfying the customers by high quality products and excellent services. It is our object to be the leader in this industry by profession and focus. We take the continuous improvement of the products quality as the main constitution of staff training, thought and action. Our business policy is to pursue perfect quality.

We believe that quality is the responsibility and it relies on the efforts of the whole members of the company, so the member, no matter what position, must join in the creation and promotion of the quality.

We are striving to create a platform to encourage the employees to discover problems and to solve problems, and build a atmosphere that all the employees emphasizing on the quality.

We will regard the customers as our partner and try to understand and satisfy the needs and expectation of the customer so as to reach win-win. In order to survive and develop, we must gain the recognition from the customers. Because our future depends on the customers, the improvement of the quality is the key to success.

If some objective factors lead to the products cannot reach the requirements of the quality index, our company will brave to should the responsibility, and to solve the problems by all efforts.

In order to realize our promise, we must reach agreement with the customers, supplier and transporter to make sure our products are used in right manner. We will never adopt, produce, store, sale, transport the products unqualified or instability.

二. Investment program:

in order to enhance the development of the enterprise, to fully play the respective advantages of the enterprise in the industry and to promote Chinese chemical industry, we are here to put forward to the following investment program:

(1). We seek for chemical production enterprise with perfect quality management methods, and have certain production ability and technical management level, and to cooperate to produce and manage by the means of OEM to realize win-win for mutual benefits.

Contact: purchase department Ms. Qin

Mobile: 15588890150

(2). We seek for all over the chemical distributors with a certain level of professional and technical management, and some experience in business management and sales network to join Longhui chemical company to take charge of the operation and management of the local market.

Contact: Marketing department Mr. Wang

Mobile: 13969020710

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