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  • Product name: SodiumLaurate
  • Product Categories: Intermediate raw materials
  • Company name: Shandong Longhui Chemical Co., Ltd
  • Add time: 17/07/26
Product Details

Product:Sodium Laurate
Molecular formula:NaCH3(CH2)10COO Molecular weight. 222.30
Property:White powder, soluble in water or ethanol.

Quality index:

Item Standard value Results
Moisture ≤3.0 2.85
Metal % 9.5±1 9.67
melting point ≥190 196
Fineness (on 200 mesh sieve) 99.5 99.72


For organic synthesis of raw materials, pharmaceuticals, household chemicals and other industrial use of coconut oil or palm kernel oil the rich Dodecanoic acid oil saponification with sodium hydroxide to the manufacture of Sodium Laurate soap the soap. Good performance of the surfaceactive agent. important raw materials for manufacture of textiles with soap and shampoo, but also an indispensable component in the soap.
Product packaging:25kg/woven bag lined with plastic bag. Avoid sun, rain, and sharp objects, kept in clean and dry warehouse, prevent moisture.

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