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  • Product name: Sulfamicacid
  • Product Categories: Scale and corrosion inhibitor
  • Company name: Shandong Longhui Chemical Co., Ltd
  • Add time: 17/07/26
Product Details

Molecular formula:NH2SO3H
Molecular weight:97.09

Property:White orthorhombic crystals; non-volatile, non-hygroscopic, odorless and tasteless; very stable at room temperature can be maintained for several years; soluble in water and liquid ammonia, strongly acidic aqueous solution; slightly soluble in methanol; do not dissolveethanol and ether.

Use:For metal cleaning, removal of the oxide of the metal surface; metal corrosion than the average of other inorganic acid is small, can be used for the sterilization of boiler cleaning and water treatment; also be used for fiber, wood, paper bleaching conversion, remove nitrite in tobaccosalt, oil and mine sludge acidification; raw materials used as coatings and PH test strips, cotton fibers, flame retardants, resins, curing agents, pesticidee intermediates and raw materials of various Sulfamic acid derivatives.

Packaging: 25kgs Plastic woven bag lined with plastic.
Storage:Stored in a clean and dry warehouse, anti-sun and rain, moisture, not mixed with sharp objects.

Technical indicators:


Colorless or white crystal

Sulfamic acid content(%)


Sulfate content(%)






Water insoluble(%)


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