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  • Product name: Kathon
  • Product Categories: Catalyst additives
  • Company name: Shandong Longhui Chemical Co., Ltd
  • Add time: 17/09/05
Product Details
Name: Carson
Don't say: kaison
Content: 2.5%
Appearance: amber or colorless liquid, with a slight odor and no sediment
Size: 25 kg/pail
Storage: this product should be stored in a ventilated and dry storage room, away from heat source, source of fire and water, and avoid rain shower and direct sunlight.
Assigned is a highly efficient industrial sterilization preservatives, bactericidal, antibacterial, anticorrosion, etc, do not contain formaldehyde, do not contain heavy metals, sterilization antisepsis effect is remarkable, use for a long time will not produce resistance, and does not produce toxic or harmful substances, after natural ease to the environment pollution-free, belong to no
Environmental protection products. It is widely used in papermaking, lubricating oil, agriculture, water treatment, washing, painting, textile printing and dyeing, coating and other industries.
Product features:
1. Effective, non-toxic, antibacterial, antiseptic and long-lasting.
2. Good compatibility with various emulsifiers and surfactants, with excellent compatibility.
3. Do not change the smell and color of cosmetics and foreign drugs.
4, without being limited by the temperature, is better under 80 ℃, 100 ℃ below the more than 90% efficient.
5. Safe and convenient, stable in nature and few in quantity.
Product use: 2.5% model is mainly used in cosmetic preservative, due to the low toxicity, wide scope and effect of strong compatibility and cosmetics raw material performance is good, and can dissolve in water, easy to use, can be directly to join. It is better to use with the nepodenesters. It can also be used as a preservative in papermaking, cooling tower, metal cutting oil and paint coatings.
Methods and dosage:
Assigned is a kind of liquid, the temperature below 80 ℃ directly added to the material, stir well.
1. The amount of ordinary daily cosmetics is 0.2-0.3‰
2. The amount of high-end cosmetics is 0.3 to 0.5‰
3. The amount of washing products is 0.5-1.0‰

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