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  • Product name: Nitilotriaceticacid
  • Product Categories: Catalyst additives
  • Company name: Shandong Longhui Chemical Co., Ltd
  • Add time: 17/09/05
Product Details
Chemical properties: 
Product name: Nitilotriacetic acid
   Molecular formula : N(CH2COOH)3
   Molecular weight: 191.14
Physical properties: white crystalline powder, soluble in ammonia and alkaline solution, slightly soluble in water, insoluble in organic solvents; has a very strong complexing ability,  to form complexes with metal ions, is a common complexing agent.
Main uses: NTA is a very important aminoxatyl complexing agent, mainly used for synthetic detergent, non-cyanide plating and electroplating, detergent and inhibitor, 
Auxiliary, plastic additive, industrial desulfurization, chemical analysis, the photographic industry, crop production inhibition and printing inks, rare earth extraction.
Packaging and storage: 25 kg in film coated woven bag lined with plastic bag; stored in a dry place, avoid moisture

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