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  • Product name: Siliconeemulsion
  • Product Categories: Catalyst additives
  • Company name: Shandong Longhui Chemical Co., Ltd
  • Add time: 17/09/05
Product Details

Product introduction:

White viscous liquid, non-flammable, stable chemical Property, the viscosity of about (100-350)×10-6m2/s, the Relative density: 0.98-1.02, almost odorless.

Product feature:
(1)Non-polar compounds, the substance with water or with polarity gene does not play a role, so strong defoaming amount of very low (2) Chemical Property stable gel, storage does not occur with the products do not play a role.
(3) with high temperature resistance, chemical resistance at high temperatures, acidic and alkaline medium are able to fully play defoaming.
(4) low toxicity, and domestic and international clinical trials that are not toxic. Statutory United States, Britain, Japan and other countries for food chemical defoamer.

Can be used for hair care products, leather brightener, cars, furniture, flooring, metal processing, polyurethane, plastic, rubber, glass, ceramics, stone, textile, paper, wood and other industries, stripping, polishing; plastic filmanti-sticking effect; metal rust; shampoo soft combed additives; paint defoamer.

Product packaging:
50kg /plastic drum.

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