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The value of citric acid

    Citric acid is an important organic acid, also called citric acid, colorless crystal, often containing a molecule of crystal water, odorless, strong acidity, soluble in water. Its calcium salt is more soluble in cold water than in hot water, which is commonly used to determine and separate citric acid. The proper temperature can be obtained when the crystal is crystallized. It is very useful in industry, food industry and dressing industry.

   We also know that citric acid has many USES in daily life and industry, so today we will learn more about the use of citric acid in the cosmetic industry. According to the experience of years of citric acid sales in jiayu chemical industry:
Citrate is another word for citric acid, citric acid to a kind of fruit acid, the primary role is to accelerate the cutin renewal, commonly used in lotions, creams, shampoo, whitening, anti-aging products, acne products, etc. The exfoliation of the horny is helpful for the fall of melanin in the skin, the fine pores, the dissolution of the black head.

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